Megascans Digest: Dried Vegetation

Megascans Digest: Dried Vegetation

See 5 assets from Quixel Megascans Library that can help you create a believable environment with an abandoned atmosphere or add an autumn vibe to it.  

Creating organic surfaces with all details such as leaves, twigs, dead trees, and the ground can be a quite interesting thing to do, especially if you love tweaking little things in the project for the sake of enhancing it and make it more diverse. On this occasion, we suggest you check this article, where Sylvain Picard shared his approach to working on the natural environment with modern tools. 

If you don't have a lot of time to work on the details, or you just want to play with Megascans assets during the environment production, then check these assets with organic materials that can come in handy for you. 

Dead weed will work nicely in various environments. It will suit steppe, an abandoned place, or cold wild nature. You can use it to create an autumn vibe of your place since it can clearly emphasize this season of the year. 

Tree stumps are literally everywhere. It could be a sunny hot desert with a few dried stumps as a sign that a while ago it was possible for trees to grow in there. You can add these to the forest environment since there are also some dried trees among still living and blooming trees. The stumps will also help you with the storytelling of an abandoned or mysterious place. Don't miss them out!

Adding these twigs will help you diverse the natural environment you are working on. Dead twigs can be a sign that humans were at the place a while ago and then left it. It can also help recreate various weather conditions - a storm, flood, or any other intimidating disaster. Twigs are quite common in forests, parks, yards, so don't hesitate including them to your environment.

Use this asset as the base for the ground and diversify it with the above-mentioned details - twigs, stumps, rocks, or put some plants, dried or still green. Whether you are creating a natural environment, or any other place, a haunted house, for example, consider using the dried grass. 

Paper Mulberry plays a similar role as dried grass, and you can put them in to add a bit of variation to the ground. Tweak it as you want, and here you go!

Check out the Forest Undergrowth collection to find more assets for your environment.

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