Megascans Digest: Forest Production

Megascans Digest: Forest Production

For this week's Megascans Digest, we looked through the Meadow Collection and picked 5 interesting and essential assets for the forest scene production. Check them out!

We all love a nice realistic environment scene, don't we? The details, texture, colors, and the atmosphere always grab attention. If you want to find out how to create an organic environment, we recommend checking this interesting interview with Leonid Prokofiev, where he shared his approach to scene production and UE4 studies. 

If you want to learn how to work with assets, check this article, where Farrukh Rahman discussed the production of the scene using Megascans and Unity. 

Megascans Library offers plenty of different assets for the creation of nature of any kind. Last time, we have checked the Icelandic Nature collection, which is really captivating. This time, we suggest you get through these 5 assets that can help to build a high-quality scene much faster.

Don't forget to check the whole Meadow collection for more!

This asset will work great as the base of the scene since it's got some wood chips, dry grass, and a mixture of dust, sand, and clay in it. You don't really have to worry about adding little details to the base in order to achieve realism with this asset, it's all done for you!

Grass with fallen leaves reminds of the beginning of autumn. You can add this asset to different kinds of organic scenes and it will definitely help you create a cozy autumn vibe.

These stones can be added to the scene as little accents. They will fill in the scene in a very natural way since there is always some hills and rocks here and there in the forest. They have cracks, spots of moss, and patchy colors that add realism.

Wooden logs in the forest can catch your attention faster than actual trees since there is something oddly mysterious about them. Just adding a few of them to the scene will bring realism and diversify it. How to place them is all up to you!

And last but not least - mossy twigs. These little things play a similar role as wooden logs. All covered in moss with cuts and scratches, they will look good as additional details to the ground and can make it look more complex. Take a look!

Check out the whole Meadow collection for more assets that can work nicely for your organic environment scene!

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