Weekly Megascans Digest: 5 Realistic Surface Materials

Weekly Megascans Digest: 5 Realistic Surface Materials

This week we've chosen 5 awesome realistic surface materials from Megascans Library that were recently released. Check them out! 

Paying attention to the details when working on the surface materials for any project is essential but can be time-consuming. The process of recreating the worn-out look with scratches and spots especially requires plenty of time and patience.

Those, who are interested to learn how to work on the texture, can check this cool tutorial by Sebastian Zapata, where he shared his texturing workflow and rendering tips in recreating a photorealistic parking lot.

If you'd like to create your environments faster for any reason and keep the realistic look of it, we've selected 5 latest Megascans that can work best for you.

If you want to create an abandoned house or a really old place with some history behind it, this can work nice. The paint is worn-out, and the wood itself has seen better days. There is plenty of dust and sand on it that can add the needed atmosphere to any place. 

Doesn't it remind you of the floor in the old majestic castle? The tiles may be a bit cut, scratched and have dirt on them, but the pattern is really mesmerizing and gorgeous. It doesn't look super polished or unreal, so it's a perfect choice for recreating an environment with the European architecture in it.

Nice plaster texture of the wall with the brick color and washed-out yellowish spots on it. The key to its look is in the roughness of the texture that recreates the plaster effect. Great to use for any photorealistic surface!

Brick plaster can be used in different ways. Do you want to work on the fortress in the game, or do you need to do the basement of the castle fast? Or do you plan to recreate a photorealistic loft? This can work for you. The brick and plaster that is spread unevenly, sometimes fully covering the brick, are the main things here that bring realism to it. And, it's quite all-purpose due to the texture and color. Check it out!

And the last but not the least is the Polynesian wooden carving, which is quite impressing! 

Definitely, this is going to be a good choice if you decided to work on the cathedral in the Asian style. Having rounded patterns with dots and lines that are repetitive is the key trait of it. Obvious imperfections such as not straight lines, patterns in general, cracks as if it was created ages ago and the color of the wood create the hand-made look of the carving.

In case you want to learn more about how to work with Megascans, check this excellent guide by Blue about using Megascans for high-quality content.

Visit the Megascans Library website for more materials and assets!

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