Creating Procedural Chippies in Houdini

Raul Aparicio shared his approach to creating chippies in Houdini. Check it out!

Raul Aparicio shared his approach to creating chippies in Houdini using a digital asset. In this article, initially, he wanted to share how the tool helps him speed the workflow. Since he works with organic environments, going full procedural isn't the best option. 

Raul also mentioned that he can work further on the details in ZBrush if it's needed.

Then, he added the damage spots by applying a digital asset called "insta_chippies". 

Here is the main graph with nodes that shows the setting up process.

There are several sections that handle the chippies, subdivide the mesh and add surface detail. Here are the VOPs nodes, which are a procedural surfacing system in Houdini.

VOD attribute node inside.

Check the whole article on Raul's Artstation page to find more advice on learning and working in Houdini.

The preview image is the artwork created in Houdini by Thomas Dohlen.

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