150 Textile Materials Added to Substance Source
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150 Textile Materials Added to Substance Source
14 April, 2017
Substance Source has now reached a number of 1000 materials with the new Textile Collection of 150 scan-based materials, developed with the help of fashion designer Zoé H, with seasonal color variation presets and tweakable parameters. Clothing, sportswear, interior decoration, and upholstery – all you need for your fashion projects. You can also download free samples to experiment with the endless variations possible in each Substance material.

Color is at the heart of fashion, and color associations are critical to the definition of a style. It is the backbone that links the different elements of an outfit. Textile materials have to be flexible in order to adapt to specific processes like the construction of a weave requiring to modify the color of each yarn independently.

In preparing this selection of textiles we asked fashion designer Zoé H. to create a custom color palette for the 2017/2018 season. We assigned colour preset to each material taking into account the possible associations of textiles to give users a starting point for experimentation. Associations within a multi-colored fabric or between several fabrics become easier as the colors were designed to work harmoniously, allowing you to focus only on the other aspects of the fabrics, such as weave size.


You can find more information of the new spring collection here

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