3 Free Books on Creature Design
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3 Free Books on Creature Design
3 September, 2018

3dtotal.com celebrates the addition of the new Animal Collection tutorial books, by giving away three amazing volumes for free.

Image by Borislav Kechashki.

So right now, for a limited time, you can download Creature Concept Design, Design & Create Quadruped Beasts in ZBrush and 3dtotal’s Bestiary!

Creature Concept Design is a 50-page book, which includes valuable recommendations on the production of awesome creatures. This one is more aimed at concept artists.

Design & Create Quadruped Beasts in ZBrush as the title suggests will help you learn some interesting tricks to sculpt awesome digital creatures. It’s only 45 pages, but it’s great nevertheless.

Finally, Total Bestiary includes six separate chapters, dedicated to the painting of different awesome fantastic characters. The book discusses digital /concept painting, the tools and brushes. Definitely a great album to browse through on your iPad.

You can check out other books from 3dtotal over at the official website.

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