3D Artists Talk About Careers, Software, and Ways to Improve Skills

Find out how 3D artists from the RFP community work on their skills, what software they like to use and why, and how they see their dream career path.

What is Your Dream Job?

I think I'm very lucky to work with digital content in general. I was able to continue working from home during the last year and I think the need for 3D production will increase in the next few years.

There are a lot of skilled people out there so it's very important to properly showcase your own work otherwise will be very difficult to get noticed. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to get in touch with nice people that gave me opportunities to work in different fields, industrial design CGI, Indie games production, VR/AR contents, cultural and heritage 3d works, illustration.

My dream job is in the video game industry, but, in particular, I love the props and environment creation, the details, the story, and the mood you can suggest exploring the environment. I'm passionate about history and travel, so I like to mix those things in the digital creative process.  

How Do You Upgrade Your Skills?

I usually try to work on some personal projects in my spare time to improve my skills, 

following some single tutorials on specific subjects and immediately use that knowledge on new work to become confident with a new specific workflow.

What Are Your Three Favorite Software?

The first one would be Blender, it's a very promising 3D software and with a lot of support from the community, I think in the future could be an industry standard for 3D production.

Then, Substance Painter + Designer are really fun to use and really powerful, you don't need anything else for texture and materials, in general.

If I have to choose only 3, the last one maybe would be a real-time render engine or a game engine, everybody would say Unreal, but I will go for Unity.  

What is Your Dream Job?

In my head, my dream job would be creating AAA props for the biggest games out there, but still have peace of mind and still be happy in my personal life. 

I would LOVE to create my own game studio but, unfortunately, there is no money for that right now, so, I guess I would work somewhere halftime and set everything up for the business.

How Do You Upgrade Your Skills?

Right now, I am trying the best I can to make as many things as I can and get them to the archviz level of detail. I love it when people actually think it's a real-life photo! With each prop, there are new problems and new challenges for me, so every time I learn something new! Right now I am working at an internship from 9:00 - 17:00 but as soon as I am done with those hours, I instantly start on my own work every time! I don't know why but people like to go do their hobbies after work but I just really like the 3D world and am really passionate about it. Every time I walk around somewhere and I see objects or props, I get inspired and already start thinking about how I could make that in 3d. 

What Are Your Three Favorite Software? 

My 3 top software would be:

  • 3Dsmax for modeling 
  • Substance Painter for texturing 
  • Unreal Engine for presentation/ implementation.

These programs are in my head, the best ones for each task. These are also the ones I learned from school and that way I know the best.

What is Your Dream Job?

My dream job would be related to creating new art and design, as well as solving problems. Working with others and learning along the way is something I enjoy. My long-term aspiration is to become an Art Director one day and to have the expertise to inspire and drive the artistic vision.

How Do You Upgrade Your Skills?

I am currently enrolled in a mentorship program at Think Tank Training Centre. I believe there is no better way to improve than to learn from the best. After finishing the mentorship, I plan on focusing on my personal work and a team project with peers.

What Are Your Three Favorite Software?

ZBrush: It is an amazing and versatile tool for any kind of work with a form. Having the freedom to shape your vision with fewer limitations is one of my favorite aspects about it.

Substance Suite: the non-destructive workflows and the iteration possibilities are the top reasons for this choice. Substance Painter can also serve as a great hub in the pipeline.

Unreal Engine: the final destination in my real-time work. There are no bounds when it comes to this software, especially since it is so user-friendly. Epic always stays on top of perfecting it.

What is Your Dream Job?

My dream job would be a place where I would have the opportunity to create realistic assets/props and environments for great games in medieval/Viking/fantasy styles. I love ancient scenarios, where it seems nature and buildings talk to each other. I currently see my career as a child who is learning to walk and discovering the world. I'm very young yet in this area, and everything for me is new and an adventure. It’s a challenging time but full of learning.

How Do You Upgrade Your Skills?

To improve my skills, I do a mix of daily training in personal projects while watching courses and asking for feedback from those who have more experience than me.

What Are Your Three Favorite Software?

Blender, Substance Painter, and Unreal Engine. Blender because I have seen that it is a powerful tool for modeling/UV mapping and even sculpt. Substance Painter because it makes the texturing process too easy showing it already in the model with reflections, normal map in real-time, and can make bakes of high-poly meshes. And Unreal for being a very powerful tool for presenting and creating beautiful scenes.

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