3D Scanning a Zombie Awakening

3D Scanning a Zombie Awakening

SnapTank celebrates the Walking Dead with 3D scanned Zombies

The Zombie Apocalypse reaches a terrifying new level of possibility thanks to SnapTank, the affordable marketplace for photorealistic 3D scanned assets.

Partnered with local specialists SnapTank have created 9 one of a kind Zombie 3D models, highlighting the new heights of photorealism that are now attainable. 

We’re massive Walking Dead fans. What would be more awesome than to 3D scan some zombies?! We have made blockbuster style zombies accessible and affordable for the 3D artist.

SnapTank is also shedding light on the whole process from using traditional makeup techniques, state of the art photogrammetry scanning and VFX by filming a ‘behind the scenes’ video. Educating those who want to know more about the methods involved, how photorealistic scans are created, and also entertaining for the general public.

The scanning rig works on a basic level – 150 DSLR cameras fire at the same time. We put all of those images into our software, creating a 3D model. The method is called photogrammetry.

Matt Bowler

Clear Angle Studios


London based 3D animation studio, Feed Me Light, got involved in the final stages of the project. Working with 3D models to create an apocalyptic zombie render for SnapTank, showing off the detail and benefits of using scans. 

Using 3D scans is straightforward. The models are UV’d with textures. That’s all we need, right out the box ready to render.


Feed Me Light


Photorealistic 3D Zombie scans are available now to download from SnapTank.com. Various levels of decimation, variety of maps including bump, spec, gloss and texture. Start with a scan and achieve

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    3D Scanning a Zombie Awakening