3DS Max 2018.2 Released
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22 hours ago

nice article! i love seeing the breakdowns.

3DS Max 2018.2 Released
31 August, 2017

Autodesk has released 3DS Max 2018.2. The new version of the software hasa  lot of improvements, but the majority of new features are centered around Freehand Spline tool:

  • A new Freehand Spline tool that allows you to sketch freehand splines in the viewport.
  • A new Spline Influence modifier to create a soft selection of spline knots based on their proximity to specified objects.
  • A new Spline Mirror modifier to duplicate a spline along a specified axis.
  • A new Spline Morph modifier to blend between different shapes using progressive or blended methods.
  • A new Spline Overlap modifier that detects self-overlapping splines and adjusts the displacement of the intersections.
  • A new Spline Relax modifier to smooth out splines by relaxing knot positions and/handles.
  • A new Optimize Spline modifier to reduces the number of knots and adjusts their handles to optimally reproduce the original spline as closely as possible.

Among other worthy to notice improvements we should mention:

  • 3DS Max Batch to automate tasks using MAXScript or Python and to deploy 3DS Max on the cloud.
  • A new Influence Helper to easily select vertices and apply proximity based falloffs to effects.
  • Changes to the PathDeform modifier so that it now works in object space and can also push materials onto the geometry based on the materials applied to segments.
  • Improvements to the UVW Unwrap modifier
  • 30% improvement in conversion times for CAD imports
  • Viewport performance improvements

Ad CGPress rightly noticed, some of these tools were available earlier as part of Boomer Lab’s Spline Tools collection. You can learn more about the other improvements here.

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