3DS Max Tools: Projecting Camera Maps
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Amazing work. I would really appriciate if you post a tutorial about that ornament. Thanks

by Yes
11 hours ago

Gabe is amazing and im happy to have him basicaly be the face of gaming. If you have something against him reply to this, i would love to discus

by Kai Marshall
1 days ago

Awesome! So proud of you!!! <3

3DS Max Tools: Projecting Camera Maps
4 February, 2019

Dave Wortley has released a useful Maxscript that can set up Camera Map projections (including CameraMapPerPixel) of different aspect ratios, and the thing here is that you don’t need other plugins or shaders anymore. The tool works by scaling the camera itself to compensate for the difference between the render aspect ratio and the projected texture’s aspect ratio.

“By default in standard 3dsmax the Camera Map Modifier has a projection aspect ratio the same as the camera/render resolution, this isn’t good if you need to project a portrait image on a landscape render. Whilst there are plugins/MCG/OSL solutions to this, my solution works on standard max, with no plugins needed to reload the scene. It even works on CameraMapPerPixel too,” states the description.

The developer states that the script is quite clever, so it will automatically find a texture on the object that the camera-map is projecting with that is on the same channel ID. All you need here is to select the camera. Do you need to change the aspect ratio of your render? Just re-run this script to fix all your projections.

You can get the script here.

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