4C Conference Takes Over Prague
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4C Conference Takes Over Prague
2 October, 2018

4C is proud to announce that it will be taking place at the Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague on both 5th and 6th October 2018. Over 1000 attendees are ready to join the conference in the Czech Republic, having been held previously in Kiev and St Petersburg.

Created by and for game developers, the conference will boast tracks including technology, art, game design, publishing, marketing, the future of gaming and a lot more. Above all, 4C is about foreseeing change and sharing experience in the games industry alongside the world’s leading video game experts.

Prague is set to become a hot spot for all industry enthusiasts and everyone who aspires to expand or share their knowledge. A new addition for this year’s event, a special 4C Career Hub will be introduced. The hub aims to help individuals learn everything they can use in one of the most rapidly growing industries worldwide.

“Prague is an exciting location and has the extra benefit of being a hub for gaming industry professionals networking and knowledge sharing.” states Tatiana Santoriniou, 4C Conference Director. “This year’s 4C promises an exciting speakers’ line-up with 80+ is already announced.”

With a number of stimulating speeches ahead and boasting to be a meeting place for the most innovative and aspiring developers from all over the world, all gaming industry professionals are invited to join the conference.

Full schedule of the conference and tickets are available on the conference website www.conf4c.com.

About 4C: Prague

4C is a conference for those who drive change, not just react to it. Listed among participants and speakers are world leading video game experts. Our goal with this event is to create a meeting place for the most innovative and aspiring developers from across the globe. We won’t be talking about the state of the industry today — we’ll be discussing what the industry will be like in 5 or even 10 years.

4C’s motto is “Create. Communicate. Craft. Collaborate.” Which means we’re looking for people who, at their core, are passionate about building unforgettable experiences. We know that projects live and breathe on good communications and the ability to articulate ideas and guide others to unify behind a common vision. By collaborating, we can transform an idea into something that stands the test of time and allows us to Foresee the Future.

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