5 Unity Tips & Tricks for Beginners
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by serkan_buldan@yahoo.com
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Derjyn it is really hard to understand your motivation of commenting. I bought the material and it *highly* satisfied my needs. Also the seller is really helpful, I was'nt able to run it in 4.18 he fixed it in minutes. If you really want make something really productive create your material and than release an article here.

by Alex
5 hours ago

So uhh.. What's happening at Machine Games then?

by rlawsfamily@gmail.com
5 hours ago

Great article but the link to the artist's Artstation portfolio is no longer working?

5 Unity Tips & Tricks for Beginners
5 June, 2017

Jayanam shared another Unity tutorial with 5 tips and tricks on how to work with the Unity Game Engine, especially with the Editor. The tips will help you improve and speed up your workflow with the Unity 5 Editor and let the game designers create levels and scenes in a more effective way.

The first one is focusing GameObjects with the keyboard shortcut F which is very useful for centering the viewport to this object but also for finding objects which are selected in the scene in the hierarchy tab.

After that he shows how to align the camera’s view to the current scene view. The shortcut for this is pressing Ctrl + Shift + F with the camera Gameobject selected.

The next tip is snapping Gameobjects to vertices of other Gameobjects which is known as vertex snapping. It can be done by pressing the V key, then a small rectangle for the vertex of the selected Gameobject appears that is hovered by the mouse cursor. Now this Gameobject can be snapped to a vertex of a different Gameobject by dragging the rectangle with the mouse.

Another useful tip and timesaver is using the shortcut keys QWER for switching the tools for moving, rotating and scaling Gameobjects. The author states that this is an essential technique for effective level design.

The last tip he mentions is saving and loading selections for Gameobjects in the scene. To store a selection of Gameobjects in a particular storage slot the shortcut keys Ctrl + Alt + {number of the storage slot} can be used. To load the selection again for this storage slot just use the shortcut keys Ctrl + Shift + {number of the storage slot}.

The tips are helpers and convenience methods to improve and speed up your workflow with the Unity 5 Editor and let the game designer create levels and scenes in a more effective way.

Source: YouTube

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