$54.1 Billion in Game Revenue Generated by Top 25 Public Companies
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$54.1 Billion in Game Revenue Generated by Top 25 Public Companies
22 April, 2015

According to Newzoo’s latest public company performance review, the top 25 public companies by game revenue have generated $54.1 billion in 2014 which accounted for 65% of the total $83.6 Billion game market.

A 10% annual growth rate shows a healthy and ever growing global games industry. At the top of the 25 public companies is Tencent, Sony, EA, Apple, Google and Ubisoft. Tencent, for another year in a row, is unchallenged as the top leader with another 37% boost in growth. Game revenues for King (Candy Crush) have surpassed those of Nintendo while SuperCell would have made it on the list at number 11 if it wasn’t a private company.


Top 10 Public Companies by Game Revenues © New Zoo

Japanese companies in 2013 accounted for 33.7% of all revenues generated by the top 25 companies. However, last year it dropped to 29.8%. Without Sony’s presence, that number would have looked even worse. Along with this 9 out of 16 Japanese companies that were publicly listed have had a decline in revenue in 2014. This could be due to the declining feature phone games business in Japan.

Apple, EA, Google, and Ubisoft on the other hand have done very well. Apple grossed an estimated $2.6 billion in game revenues in 2014, while Google made $3.2 Billion. EA reported +22% and Ubisoft reported +33% in growth rates. Ubisoft’s progress can be looked at because of some big releases made in 2014, and EA’s growth is more likely due to continual transformation and adaptability.

Source: newzoo.com


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