80 Level Artists on Their Favorite Games

We talked to our featured artists and asked them about their favorite games to play. The list has a variety of genres and includes some well-known franchises as well as upcoming titles. Check it out!

It seems that the lockdown is a perfect time to take an opportunity and play our favorite games. Besides, it's been proved that playing games during the ongoing pandemic reduces anxiety and works as a good and healthy way to maintain your social connections. We asked our artists about the games they like, and the answers are quite impressive, check them out below!


It’s difficult to pick only 3, but I would say the top 3 games that are most influential to my art would be World of Warcraft, Runescape, and Overwatch. Growing up playing Runescape and WoW really inspired me a lot to want to make art in the first place and when Overwatch was released I instantly loved the style. They have definitely pushed me to want to make more stylized art!

Beccy Collins

Other games like The Witcher 3 and Skyrim are also my favorites just because of how interesting the creature designs and the character designs are and also all these games are very immersive and the world for the players to explore is massive.

Sasawat Intakul

Cyberpunk 2077

My favorite genre would probably be TPP action RPGs like Witcher 3 and FPPs like Kingdom Come: Deliverance. 

I think what I like most about these sorts of games is that they offer high immersion, good storytelling/dialogues, attention to detail both in art style and lore and last but not least force you to think and devise strategies for different kinds of challenges, at least at higher difficulty settings. Can't wait for Cyberpunk 2077, from what we already know it may have all those elements, hopefully, taken to a whole new level.

Bartek Kuczyński

I love League of Legends cinematics and end up re-watching them a couple of times, having discussions about what worked well and what did not so much; I think that is important – If you see something from a studio/artist you admire, it is still okay to say that there are things that don't quite work for you. Even if you could not have done it better.

The stylization of the characters in these games is what inspires me. They just work really well.

Other than that ... give me something floaty, some winged ears, shiny glowing things or halos, and I am hooked!  

Stefanie Böhm

But of course, there are other games which I count to my Top-Games such as Rayman and Ori with their beautiful crafted worlds, Death Stranding and God of War with their great cinematic presentation or the Far Cry franchise with beautifully performed, bad-ass villains (Vaas Montenegro, The Father). The list goes on and on and I could talk about art, storytelling, and games forever…

Markus Pichler

Death Stranding

I'm a huge fan of role-playing games. Death Stranding is one of the games that really impressed me in terms of art and presentation, it is a very unique idea, unlike anything I've seen before.

Sasawat Intakul

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

I always liked the Assassin's Creed franchise, it’s awesome to walk around in an open-world exploring the ancient history and I think AC: Odyssey was a visual masterpiece. When it comes to storytelling in games, the perfect example, therefore, at least in my opinion is The Last of Us. I don’t remember that I’ve ever played a game that made me care for the main characters as much as The Last of Us.

Markus Pichler

Old School and Indie Games

Ocarina of Time influenced me the most, I think, in my opinion, it’s a masterpiece. Looking back to 1998 when I was eight years old, the game was already ahead of some others. It had a lot of playtime, every character felt unique and had its purpose in that world. The story was awesome and you could explore every corner in the world. The game design and the quests were astonishing and never felt boring and the soundtrack is purely epic, all that on an N64. The game is a great adventure and that’s why I adore tombs and temples for art, ancient ruins that can be explored… and talking about ancient ruins and exploring… 

Markus Pichler

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

As mentioned before, I used to play old Bioware titles a lot and still love RPGs, strategy, turn-based games, or hybrids thereof the most. More recently, Pillars of Eternity II and Battle Brothers (true indie gem, check it out!). 

Bartek Kuczyński

Share your favorite games in the comments down below! 

Interview are taken by Arti Sergeev

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    80 Level Artists on Their Favorite Games