80 Level Job Digest: Career Opportunities for Artists and UX Engineers

This time, we've selected great job openings for VFX, Environment, and Concept Artists, as well as UI/UX Engineers. 


  • Accurately translate concept art to a 3D environment using a pre-designed level blockout
  • Set dress and upgrade existing environments
  • Creating and maintaining modular asset sets
  • Setting up assets, creating and maintaining prefabs
  • Level lighting
  • Aiding with the optimization of assets and levels
  • Maintain a balance between visual quality and performance requirements
  • Mentor and guide junior artists

What you will need to do:

  • Develop, evolve and maintain the artistic style and vision of a project in development according to its core values and pillars starting from the initial game pitch and up to the project release;
  • Lead artistic team in the development of AAA quality environments and assets;
  • Participate in the scheduling of his part of the project and maintain planning foresight;
  • Maintain effective informational flow to the team to ensure the team members are aligned with the project objectives;
  • Encourage creativity and participation from all team members;
  • Maintain a close working relationship with your direct manager, producers, leads, directors, and other teams to push project quality;
  • Raise the bar for the project by demanding high results from self and team members
  • Share knowledge and recommend best practices in your area of operation;
  • Ensure that produced and integrated assets respect the artistic vision of the game and meet the quality standards.


  • Knowledge of Unreal Engine
  • Niagara particle systems and general VFX
  • HLSL shader programming preferred
  • Algorithmic skills preferred

Key Responsibilities:

  • Create and maintain documentation standards and practices for tools, pipelines, and technical specifications
  • Support the art team with tech-related issues on a day-to-day basis working within the framework defined by the code team and existing established methods
  • Constantly evaluate pipelines, tools, and techniques to ensure the art team is working as efficiently as possible
  • Bring your own experience of best working practices to the team


  • Work closely with the Design Lead to create high quality concepts to inspire and raise the visual bar of the project.
  • Working with AAA partners to bring a range of IP (and their unique setting/art direction) into the Virtex Stadium universe.
  • Ensure work is delivered timely and according to the specifications of a brief following an established Art Direction.
  • Develop a range of exciting character, prop & environment assets.
  • Create stunning environmental art that captures the overall filmic quality of the games universe.

Activities Summary:

  • Work closely with senior engineers to define, build, and implement game engine interactions with an array of interfaces, ranging from touch controllers to motion capture
  • Create wireframes, prototypes, mock-ups, icons, and 3DUI designs for multiple platforms
  • Collaborate with the development team to understand and convey functionality through concise guides, tutorials, and visual design of our user-facing documentation
  • Work with stakeholders to create UX flows for new concepts and features for our suite of tools
  • Work with other engineers to define acceptance requirements for new tools and capabilities

What you need to do:

  • Collaborate with the art team and help make awesome visuals
  • Create VFX assets, from the concept stage to its integration ingame
  • Help mentor other team members and help improve our tools
  • Work on particle systems and visual effects, using our inhouse engine

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