A 3D Mugshot Instead of a Photo in an ID Card
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by Protopop
4 hours ago

I love World Creator, especially the vegetation distribution pipeline. You can create some very realistic fields with it. Im going to check out impostors too - ive seen it a few times and wondered what it's about.

by Steve W
5 hours ago

Stupid Rental. My Zbrush that I haven't paid for an update in years and is perpetual Trumps that on all counts.

by Nameku
8 hours ago


A 3D Mugshot Instead of a Photo in an ID Card
15 June, 2017

3d artist  Raphael Fabre made a 3d selfie and it was so good that the officials didn’t see a difference and added it to his ID card.

Raphael Fabre is a French 3d artist, who worked on a bunch of different projects, obviously, has a very nice sense of humor. Back in April of 2017, he was asked to submit a photo for his French ID card. The easiest way was just to go and make a photo, along with all the paperwork. But Raphael decided to go another way. He actually had all the legal and authentic documents, but his picture was not a photo. It was a 3d render.


The photo I submitted for this request is actually a 3D model created on a computer, by means of several different software and techniques used for special effects in movies and in the video game industry. It is a digital image, where the body is absent, the result of an artificial process.

The image corresponds to the official demands for an ID: it is resembling, is recent, and answers all the criteria of framing, light, bottom and contrasts to be observed.

Raphael Fabre


The document was officially issues and he basically features an mage of an artist which is practically virtual, a version of video game, fiction. This is not only histerically funny, but it’s also a bit worrying. Modern 3d tech helps to build the models, which can basically replace real-time photos now. And not only in the entertainment industry. Kind of makes you think.


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Probably not a good idea to advertise this online -.- I’m not a lawyer but it’s got to break a few laws at least.