A Beginner’s Guide to Marvelous Designer 7
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by Krzysztof Czerwinski
2 hours ago

I bought it, it's really nice and intuitive:) Now i'm waiting for next build with new features:)

I love it!

by Joel Alexandre
1 days ago

Hi. Can you tell how the glass material was made? I found it very interesting.Congratz

A Beginner's Guide to Marvelous Designer 7
5 April, 2018

I don’t cover any UI as there is plenty of UI tutorials on youtube.

I dive straight into the creation process and show you from start to finish in real time how to create 6 different garments.

All 6 tutorials together are 2 hours and 55 minutes.

A total beginner can jump right in and start learning at their own pace

I’ve attached a README file with the links to every tutorial. All tutorials have been uploaded to my youtube channel.

Travis Davids

You can learn more about the pack here.

Get the pack for free

Source: Gumroad

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