A Bundle of Medieval Sounds
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Wow, the YouTube video was released in November. How have I never seen it before? I've probably watched it three times in the past hour. It's an absolutely amazing production. What was the budget for this?


A Bundle of Medieval Sounds
15 May, 2017
Struggled to find the right sounds without any noise for your historic backgrounds? Boom Library might help you. Designing the sound for a medieval scene can be quite difficult. Where do you look for the similar vibrations? How do you find the perfect tune?  

Due to the lack of smartphones, TV or even a well-written book, the people back then didn’t sit in their houses the whole day long making no noise at all. Instead they went out on the streets, to the market, they camped, they worked, they drank, the chattered, they yelled, they farmed, they were very noisy or at least busy in a very diverse way. We sound designers should keep that in mind when designing a convincing medieval scene that covers that multi-facetted background ambience.

Boom Library

Designers from Boom Library went out to some of the most authentic medieval heritage sites in Germany in order to record the right sounds and, in the end, present, a toolkit for all kinds of medieval background soundscapes called “MEDIVEAL LIFE“. The pack features all kinds of medieval sound effects with hundreds of different sound sources from the medieval times within the MEDIEVAL LIFE – CONSTRUCTION KIT and a collection of completely pre-designed and ready-to-use medieval places within the MEDIEVAL LIFE – DESIGNED edition. The MEDIEVAL LIFE – BUNDLE contains both.

You have one day to buy the bundle for 199,20 € with 20% release discount.

  • 500+ files, 43+GB sounds | 96kHz/24bit, WAV

Find more details on the bundle here

Get the bundle

Preview image by Vilius Petrauskas.

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