A Cartoonish Take on Game of Thrones
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London GB   30, Nov — 3, Dec
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Good but the Pattern of the foam doesn't change, very disturbing.

by lina
7 hours ago

thank http://www.uyeliksiz.com

by Pablo Corral
16 hours ago

un groso

A Cartoonish Take on Game of Thrones
3 August, 2017

Ramón Nuñez presented his cartoonish take on one of the best TV series called Game Thrones. His art portrays Sansa, Jon Snow, Cersei, Brienne and more. In fact, these works are heavily inspired the latest episode. You know nothing, Jon Snow. You are now a cartoon character. 

I wanted to draw Game of Thrones for a while, I’m really into this last season and I’ll like to show you a little bit more about expression and character interpretation, so don’t forget to subscribe to my Patreon for more.

I just saw the new ep of GOT and I’m having an overdose of inspiration, winter is coming to my Patreon

You can say many bad things about this lady but she has known how to play the game of thrones

Nothing is better than a wild romance on the other side of the wall, Am I right?

I can’t draw Tormund without Brienne reaction

“Give your uncle a kiss!”

What I like about #GOT is that anyone can die, who do you think will be next?

I was struggling with this little bastard face, you will see in the video

You can find more Ramón’s work at his personal website and ArtStation page.

Source: ArtStation

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