A Minecraft Player Has Created Their Own AI-Friend to Play With

The NPC engages in conversations with the user, fights mobs, and supports them in various adventures.

Minecraft is an amazing game that, for more than a decade, has given people the freedom to build or create anything they want. Lots of players create impressive and massive structures, buildings, or attractions in the game and it seems that their imagination is limitless.

Recently, a Reddit user KevinJNguy01 has revealed their Minecraft creation which looks pretty impressive. KevinJNguy01 posted a short video of playing Minecraft with an NPC friend they created. The NPC is called Bestie, and indeed, as the video shows, the player and the character do everything together just like real best friends – they talk, fight, and eat cookies. They even go to sleep together at the end of the day.

The video starts with the player typing "give me a friend!" into the chat and that's when Bestie appears. KevinJNguy01 then enters into a conversation with the NPC – for this, they connected the NPC with a language model that can answer questions.

Other Reddit users praised KevinJNguy01 for their resourcefulness and skill but noted that the need to make an artificial friend in Minecraft is rather sad.

Still, KevinJNguy01's creation is impressive since NPCs in the game can't usually fight mobs or talk in chat with other players.

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