A Neural Network Mixes Dinosaurs with Flowers, Jewelry and Fruits
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Very impressive article Jake! You are very talented.

by Weston Mitchell⛏️🐭
5 hours ago

nice article! i love seeing the breakdowns.

by srdikster@gmail.com
12 hours ago


A Neural Network Mixes Dinosaurs with Flowers, Jewelry and Fruits
20 June, 2017

Take a look at an experiment by Chris Rodley, who used a deep learning algorithm to mix a book of dinosaurs with a book of flower art. The results look like marvelous artworks and you don’t want to miss that. Chris used a website called Deepart.io, powered by an algorithm from Leon Gatys and a team from the University of Tübingen. 

The algorithm is said to apply features of an artist’s visual style to another image, preserving recognizable details and features and uses them to rebuild the target image from scratch.

The talent has also tried merging paintings of fruits and vegetables with dinosaurs. Prehistoric beasts have never looked healthier:

It appears that mixing dinosaurs with tall ships isn’t such a good idea. A stegosaurus look nice, but the other beasts are quite strange:

Fans of M.C. Escher’s art might also like the artist’s experiment featuring random staircases. This next strange mix looks awesome:

Want something fancy? Here’s what you get if you mix beasts with with crowns and other royal jewels:

People want high-res copies and Chris will be turning some of his artworks into prints that can be ordered from his website.

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