A New Unity-Based Add-On for Oculus Quest 2

Turn your own room into a VR environment using this new add-on created by Bob Berkebile.

A Programmer and VR enthusiast Bob Berkebile has created a new app for Oculus Quest 2 that utilizes Passthrough, a feature that allows you to step outside your view in VR to see a real-time view of your surroundings. For those unaware, Passthrough uses the sensors on your headset to approximate what you would see if you were able to look directly through the front of your headset and into the real world around you.

The add-on created by Berkebile is called RoomMapper and it allows you to turn your home into a big playroom. Using the capabilities of Unity and Passthrough, you can mark the corners of a room, and then have fun within the marked border. RoomMapper allows you to add furniture, like chairs and paintings, replace your walls with wood, play balls, thanks to the enabled collision, and more.

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