A New Unity Shader Book Is Now Available

Learn all about render pipelines, Shader Graph, textures, and more from this 700-page manual.

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Take a look at this awesome 700-page book on Unity shaders created by Daniel Ilett. The massive manual called Building Quality Shaders for Unity covers all render pipelines, HLSL shader code, Shader Graph, maths, textures, depth, transparency, lighting and shadows, post-processing, computing, tessellation, and so much more.

The author promises to make you understand what shaders are and what they’re used for, starting with fundamental shader mathematics and gradually delving into topics such as vertex and fragment shaders, lighting, depth-based effects, and texture mapping.

You will learn to:

  • Use shaders across Unity’s rendering pipelines
  • Write shaders and modify their behavior with C# scripting
  • Use Shader Graph for codeless development
  • Understand the important math behind shaders, particularly space transformations
  • Profile the performance of shaders to identify optimization targets

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