A New Version of WRLD Unity SDK Released
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truly cant say thank you enough for sharing all this information!!!

excellent , this is cool asset

by mavin
21 hours ago

have you this 3ds max making video

A New Version of WRLD Unity SDK Released
20 September, 2017

If you’re using Unity to create a location-based experience or VR environment, their Asset Store has some good news for you. The company has partnered up with a service-provider that can make your work a lot easier.

WRLD offers a 3D mapping asset that provides a fully textured, geospatially accurate world for your project. They do all of the hard work on their side, so you can focus on creating a great user experience.

The WRLD Unity SDK package contains default materials you can use as a foundation to build on for your own project. All you need to do is provide the coordinates, and WRLD will provide a fully textured 3D environment using a real-world global coordinate system.

The WRLD team just released a new version on the asset store with improvements and features for:

  • Interacting with buildings, obtaining anchor points
  • Highlighting buildings
  • Obtaining building outlines
  • Much simpler positioning of Unity objects in WRLD

Download WRLD now on the Asset Store, and be on the lookout on their site and Twitter for a contest they’re running starting October.

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