A Pack for Realistic Surface Trails in Unreal

You can get the pack for free this October. 

Have a look at a Surface trails system that will let you capture trails from characters or any other objects on a surface by attaching spherical components to them. The pack also comes with a snow landscape demo including a playable character and physics objects for you to test the system. The system is now free as a part of the featured October list on the Unreal Marketplace. 

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  • Trails are captured and stored in some area (configurable) around the player's camera – the system is independent of map size.
  • Attenuation of old trails can be configured (can be set to zero so the trails stay forever inside a defined area around the camera).
  • Trail shape is defined by spherical components with configurable hardness. 
  • Actors are marked as trails receivers by applying special Tag to them.
  • The system can be used for a variety of cases (trails on water, grass crumpling, any other surface VFX) by dragging one material function into the material.
  • Snow landscape example includes photogrammetry based dirt material appearing under the snow.

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