A short film about Io-Interactive
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$16 for a *very* non-performant material? If this was intended for use in high-detail scenes, not meant for gameplay, one would generally just use a flipbook animation, or looping HD video texture (both of which are higher quality and available for free all over). I love options, but c'mon, that's pretty steep. $5, maybe. And you can loop in materials, using custom HLSL nodes. Also, there are better ways of doing this, all around. Somewhere on the forums, Ryan Brucks (of Epic fame) himself touched on this. I've personally been working on a cool water material (not "material blueprint", thankyouverymuch) and utility functions, and am close to the quality achieved here, sitting at ~180 instructions with everything "turned on". The kicker? It's pure procedural. No textures are needed. So this is cool, no doubt about that. In my humble opinion though, it's not "good". It doesn't run fast, and it's more complicated than it needs to be.

A short film about Io-Interactive
13 August, 2015

Io-Interactive (Hitman, Kayne & Lynch) recently published a nice little video, showing various developers and their stories of coming into game industry. Although the main purpose of this video is to recruit new specialists, it’s still a nice opportunity to look into the lives of the creators of Io-Interactive.

The developers recollect about their computers, first primitive games and their first attempts at programming. They also talk about the first years in Denmark’s game industry and about the difficult path to success.

In the video Io-interactive touches on the development of the latest Hitman game and the way they create art, text gameplay and physics.

If you want to become a part of Io-interactive, please check out the jobs section of the official website.

Source: ioi.dk

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