A Sneak Peek at The 16th ChinaJoy
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Anaheim US   27, Aug — 30, Aug
SEATTLE US   30, Aug — 3, Sep
Vancouver CA   4, Sep — 7, Sep
Tokyo, Kanagawa JP   4, Sep — 7, Sep
Busan KR   5, Sep — 10, Sep
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A Sneak Peek at The 16th ChinaJoy
25 July, 2018

The 16th ChinaJoy themed on “New Technology, New Entertainment and New Value” will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from August 3 to 6, 2018. This session of ChinaJoy will set 15 pavilions, occupying 170,000 square meters. Before the launch of this exhibition, in order to brief the majority of players, media reporters and industry insiders about the preparations and highlights of this ChinaJoy in the first time, the 16th ChinaJoy press conference in 2018 was held in the afternoon of the July 5 in the Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai.

Mr. Li Zhengxiang, director of the relevant business department of National News Publication Bureau; Mr. Peng Weiguo, deputy director of the Shanghai Administration of Press and Publication; Mr. Liu Jiehua, the executive vice president of the relevant business department of National News Publication Bureau, and the GPC; Ms. Ding Xiaoling, director of Scientific and Digital Publishing Office of Shanghai Administration of Press and Publication; Mr. Sun Yu, vice minister of Propaganda Department of Pudong New Area, deputy director of Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV of Pudong New Area and other guests attended the press conference. Mr. Han Zhihai, secretary general of ChinaJoy Organizing Committee and general manager of Howell International Trade Fair Ltd. introduced the preparations and highlights of the ChinaJoy exhibition. Mr. Shen Meifeng, CEO of Gaiqi E-sports, partner of ChinaJoy E-sports Competition, also addressed the meeting.

Mr. Li Zhengxiang

Director of the relevant business department of National News Publication Bureau

Mr. Peng Weiguo

Deputy Director of the Shanghai Administration of Press and Publication

Mr. Liu Jiehua

The executive vice president of the relevant business department of National News Publication Bureau and the GPC

Ms. Ding Xiaoling

Director of Scientific and Digital Publishing Office of Shanghai Administration of Press and Publication

Mr. Sun Yu

Vice Minister of Propaganda Department of Pudong New Area, deputy director of Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV of Pudong New Area

Mr. Han Zhihai

Secretary General of ChinaJoy Organizing Committee and General Manager of Howell International Trade Fair Ltd.

Mr. Shen Meifeng

CEO of Gaiqi E-sports, partner of ChinaJoy E-sports Competition

This year’s ChinaJoy exhibition is themed on “New Technology, New Entertainment, New Value”. This year’s ChinaJoy enjoys a clear vision and outstanding characteristics of the times. The theme “New Technology, New Entertainment and New Value” expresses the new requirements of this year’s ChinaJoy based on the development of the industry, highlights the new driving force of technology, the positive energy of entertainment, and the new value of the content to present green and healthy new entertainment culture and show the vitality of the vigorous development of China’s digital entertainment industry on the international platform of ChinaJoy. Meanwhile, this year’s ChinaJoy will present the latest development achievements and future development trends of the digital entertainment industry through exhibitions, series of summit forums and large-scale events.

This year’s ChinaJoy is characterized by “professional exhibitions, international platforms, promotion of cooperation, and common development”. It aims to build a high-end, cutting-edge and comprehensive communication and cooperation platform for the development of the global digital entertainment industry, with the following six highlights!

Highlight 1: A number of thematic activities to promote core values

First of all, around ChinaJoy’s principle of “adhering to correct orientation and promoting core values”, this exhibition will set up “Web Content Achievement Exhibition” for the first time in the No.3 entrance hall of Shanghai New International Expo Center. The themed showcase is hosted by People.com and ChinaJoy’s organizer Howell International Trade Fair Ltd., to present vigorous development and brilliant achievements of China’s online content in recent years in a vivid form. It highlights the positive results and correct core values orientation in the field of online content such as online games, e-literature, and animation in the new era. The presentation format includes: picture, text, video, multimedia interaction and other forms of presentation.

Secondly, around ChinaJoy’s principle of “Strengthening Cultural Confidence and Inheriting Excellent Chinese Traditional Culture”, ChinaJoy will cooperate with People.com to organize the “Cultural Confidence” dialogue section of China Digital Entertainment Congress (CDEC). This year’s CDEC highlights the theme of the new era, conforms to the requirements of mainstream values, and focuses on the theme of “Healthy New Entertainment, New Values of Game” throughout the requirements and developments on functions and contents under new historical background. In the speech, a new digital entertainment discussion dialogue session highlighting the mainstream of the times was added. The People.com was invited to host and leaders of various industries were invited to discuss that in the context of 40 years of reform and opening up, explore mainstream culture’s development and importance in the industry and have dialogue and discussion around “cultural self-confidence”, such as the building of Chinese traditional culture, cultural products export, the application and transformation of traditional culture in the new media era.

In the meanwhile, around the principle of “based on Chinese characteristics and establishing an international brand image”, this year’s ChinaJoy will launch a “high-end interview to commemorate the 40 years of reform and opening up”. 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. In the booming development of the digital industry in the new era, digital culture, digital entertainment and other fields are constantly emerging, actively promoting industrial transformation and development. Therefore, this year ChinaJoy will comprehensively display the development trends and latest achievements of various industries such as film and television, games, e-sports, publishing, comic & animation, smart equipment and culture in the industry, and lead the industry to develop actively and healthily. In this year’s ChinaJoy, People.com will launch a series of high-end interview reports, focusing on the re-shaping of traditional culture and the development of independent IP in the context of “40 years of reform and opening up”, and invite many industry development witnesses to conduct a high-end one-on-one interview.

Highlight 2: Showcase the latest digital entertainment products and the latest cutting-edge digital entertainment technology

During the ChinaJoy exhibition, the ChinaJoy BTOC interactive entertainment exhibition area for general audiences and the ChinaJoy BTOB comprehensive business negotiation area for professionals will be set. The 3rd Global Smart Entertainment Hardware Expo & Conference (eSmart) and the 5th Comic & Animation World Amazing Expo (CAWAE) will be held in the same period. The overall scale of 15 pavilions, totaling 170,000 square meters.

2018 ChinaJoy Pavilion Floor Plan

The ChinaJoy BTOC interactive entertainment area will bring together the world’s top digital entertainment companies to showcase the latest products in digital entertainment in a special way. The exhibition area covers 8 exhibition halls with an exhibition area of 100,000 square meters. It brings together the world’s top digital entertainment products, and is attended by nearly 300 digital entertainment companies from China and abroad. Well-known enterprises include domestic Tencent IEG, NetEase Games, Jingdong, Ali Games, Shunwang Technology. , Shanda Games, Perfect World, Giant Network, Duoyi Network, 37Games, Panda Live, Watermelon Video, Glory E-sports, Kong-net, Snail Games, Tencent Application Po, Youzu Interactive, Subor, Xishanju, 4399, Chushou, bilibili, and IGG and other renowned enterprises are actively participating. Internationally, world-renowned companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Blizzard, Bandai Nanco, Ubisoft, EA, NVIDIA, DeNA, Sharp, etc. are included.

ChinaJoy BTOB comprehensive business negotiation showcase is an important business docking platform for digital entertainment products export, import, cross-domain (variety show, film, literature and other IP) transactions and other business. The exhibition area covers a total of 4 exhibition halls with an exhibition area of 40,000 square meters. Trade companies from 21 countries including the United States, Japan, South Korea, Britain, France, Russia, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Israel, Turkey, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Lithuania, Cyprus, Finland, Myanmar, and Thailand participated in the exhibition. The number of countries along the “Belt and Road” has reached 14, recording a record high of in history. BTOB will have more than 600 exhibitors, including more than 200 exhibitors from overseas. The amount of intentional transactions for BTOB business negotiations is expected to reach US$500 million.

The 3rd eSmart covers 2 exhibition halls with a total area of 20,000 square meters. The total number of exhibitors will reach nearly 100. The world’s top hardware companies including Intel, NVIDIA, AMD, HP, Lenovo, Razer, Kingston, Seagate, Gigabyte, Corsair, HTC VIVE, 1more Headphones, Somic, Darwin, Western Digital, Toshiba, Sennheiser, Harman, Thunderobot Technology and many other well-known hardware companies at home and abroad are representative of this. More than hundreds of VR/AR and smart entertainment hardware products are expected to be on display at eSmart.

The 5th CAWAE covers a pavilion with a total area of 10,000 square meters. It focuses on domestic and international comics, animation, animation derivatives/peripherals, trend toys, and boutique hand-made model products. It is divided into three major exhibition areas and one activity area. The three major exhibition areas are: the famous animation brand display and authorized area, the model play area, and the derivative sales area.

Highlight 3: Exploring the new development trend of digital entertainment industry 

This year’s ChinaJoy concurrent conferences will share and explore with all the attendees the cross-border integration of the industry under the digital entertainment era as well as the Chinese market layout under globalization. Nearly 300 industry leaders will gather here to share and explore the opportunities and challenges facing the digital entertainment industry. During the ChinaJoy period, China Digital Entertainment Congress (CDEC) and two themed summits will be held: Global Game Industry Summit and 2018 Global E-sports Conference. The conference will invite well-known entrepreneurs, experts and scholars in the digital entertainment field at home and abroad to gather and deliver keynote speeches and conduct high-level interactive dialogues and exchanges to explore the development trend of digital entertainment industry and cutting-edge technology. The themed summits will be shared and explored around the theme of each summit.

Among them, in order to vigorously promote the healthy development of China’s e-sports, promote Shanghai’s strategic process of creating a “global e-sports capital”, enhance the global competitiveness of China’s e-sports industry, and transmit the voice of China’s e-sports industry. The 2018 Global E-sports Conference will be held with Shanghai Municipal Press and Publication Bureau and People’s Government of Pudong New Area, as joint guiding units, will invite national industry authorities, Shanghai leaders, global e-sports industry institutions and well-known e-sports business leaders to give speeches, publicize China’s new initiatives to develop e-sports industry, carry out multi-angle, multi-dimensional, multi-field discussion of the new trend of the development of the global e-sports industry. In the meanwhile, this year ChinaJoy will also create: 2018 Global E-sports Conference + ChinaJoy E-sports Competition + “City of E-sports” VIP Welcome Dinner, including the e-sports industry series activities so as to promote the booming e-sports industry.

In addition, the China Game Developers Conference (CGDC) will be held concurrently. This is China’s most forward-looking, international and professional game industry R&D technology conference. It will follow up on new and masterpieces of game development at home and abroad, and invite many international top game producers to participate in seminars and provide technical analysis. In addition, in conjunction with the current blockchain industry hotspots, China Blockchain Technology and Game Developers Conference is added for the first time this year.

Highlight 4: Gathering the digital entertainment industry elite

During the planning and preparation of this year’s ChinaJoy event, it received great from the industry. Tencent, NetEase, Perfect World, Giant, Shanda, bilibili, Jingdong, Baidu, Yuewen, iReader, Alibaba, Microsoft, Sony, Blizzard, EA, NVIDIA, Ubisoft, Bandai Namco, Intel, Lenovo, HP, HTC, Qualcomm and other well-known companies at home and abroad will send high-level representatives to attend the summit and deliver important speeches. ChinaJoy’s conferences will invite nearly 300 well-known entrepreneurs, experts and scholars in the field of digital entertainment at home and abroad as speakers. Currently, the ChinaJoy Organizing Committee is making a sincere invitation to the world’s leading digital entertainment companies. Later on, it will continue to step up efforts and invite more industry elites to attend this industry event.

Highlight 5: The concurrent carnival activities are magnificent

During the ChinaJoy period, ChinaJoy Cover Coser Contest, ChinaJoy Cosplay Carnival National Competition, Awesome Dancer Contest, ChinaJoy Live Music Festival, ChinaJoy E-sports Contest, International Robot Carnival will be held. These concurrent activities further enrich ChinaJoy’s digital entertainment brand activities and will engage a wide range of enthusiasts and young people in games, comic & animation, music, e-sports, digital entertainment.

Highlight 6: The gathering of media reporters attract great attention from the industry

Nearly a thousand media from home and abroad, more than 2,000 reporters will gather at the exhibition site to competing to report the grand occasion of this ChinaJoy exhibition – TV media, print media, network media, video media, WeChat media, APP… mass media cover the whole event: CCTV, dozens of TV stations in Shanghai, Beijing TV stations and other traditional TV stations; Tencent Video, Youku, Iqiyi, Mango TV, bilibili, Panda Live, Chujiao Live, Douyu Live, Huya Live and other major video sites and live broadcast platform; People.com, People’s Daily, Guangming.com, CCTV.com, China Daily, China Youth Network, Global Network, Qianlong.com, Toutiao, Sina, Sohu, Tencent, NetEase, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. and other well-known mainstream media will fully focus on this event. At the same time, the majority of game players can grasp the highlights of the event through hundreds of domestic and foreign game media to fully understand the exciting content of this session of ChinaJoy. It is expected that the media will cover hundreds of millions of target groups.

In this grand occasion, the 16th ChinaJoy in 2018 will provide a digital entertainment feast that promotes the core value, inherits the excellent Chinese traditional culture and presents positive energy for the global players and audiences. By then, Shanghai will attract the attention of digital entertainment industry worldwide once again and gather the digital entertainment industry insiders from around the world to share this year’s grand gathering. With new technology, new entertainment, new value – the 16th ChinaJoy in 2018 looks forward to your visit.

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