A Talk: Architects Will Need To Find New Jobs

Sebastian Errazuriz talked about the future of the professionals on his Instagram account.

Sebastian Errazuriz is an architect, who is mostly known for his idea on how to reconstruct Notre-Dame. He’s also quite active on Instagram and shares IG videos on accurate topics related to architecture and technology.

One of his recent IG videos started a debate on the future of architects. In the video, Sebastian said that 90% of architects’ jobs are at risk, and it’s important for the professional to realize it. Although the topic of the video sounds a bit provocative and clickbait-y, in the end, Sebastian shared his solution to this problem, and the key of it is to get into tech with the architectural experience that architects have got.

Watch the full IG TV video to hear a more detailed overview from Sebastian and join the discussion in the comment section.

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