A Thai Art Student Creates a New Overwatch Hero
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by Krzysztof Czerwinski
16 hours ago

I bought it, it's really nice and intuitive:) Now i'm waiting for next build with new features:)

I love it!

by Joel Alexandre
2 days ago

Hi. Can you tell how the glass material was made? I found it very interesting.Congratz

A Thai Art Student Creates a New Overwatch Hero
22 September, 2017

RM-Parfait, a Thai computer art student, posted an outstanding concept design that will blow away the Overwatch community. Even Jeff Kaplan loved it, saying: “Wow, this is amazing. You are so talented!”. 

Tara’s design is said to be inspired by Siamese fighting fish, known as the Betta fish. “Bubble” is one of who the abilities here, which is a blast of energy from her gun that “will block an enemy in[side] a bubble for 2 seconds,” and “Healing Drone,” which heals allies inside a 1.5 meter radius. 

Take a look at some of the design pieces:

RM-Parfait told one of the Kotaku’s authors that she decided to create the character because “there’s no Thai character in Overwatch yet. Also, I think there’re only few characters that come from Asia compare[d] to [other] region[s] so it might be interesting if I could create one.” Creating one was “quite a challenge for me because I’ve never draw something in sci-fi theme before.”

That’s not all to see though. The artist even create some concept art for Tara’s map, Arun Town:

Source: Kotaku

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