Abandoned Factory Buildings for UE4

Check out a free pack of abandoned buildings for factory scene that includes photogrammetry assets and two scene configurations.

The pack features a number of assets including bricks, pipes, pallets, trash-bags and many other assets for you to build a factory district. The author states that most assets were created using photogrammetry and then properly optimized and hand-tweaked for real-time scenes in UE4.

It also includes two lighting setups: day and night, plus Epic Games' mannequin for presentation.


  • Demo scene included - two lighting setups (day/night) and an overview map
  • 4 sets of elevation (38)
  • Storage Containers (2)
  • Chimney (2)
  • Gas Cylinder (1)
  • Pipe variations (3)
  • Loading Ramp
  • Wood Pallets (13)
  • Curbs (3)
  • Metal Supports (4)
  • Cables (3)
  • Roofs (7)
  • Ground Concrete (6)
  • Concrete Plates (2)
  • Tracks (2)
  • Manhole (1)
  • Trash bag (1)
  • Lamp (1)
  • Wood Spool (1)
  • Bricks (6)
  • Backgrounds (5)

Learn more and get the pack here

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  • Jarosz Adam

    If You want know something more how it was possible here is article about us :) https://80.lv/articles/photogrammetry-in-environment-design/

    Enjoy our package! :)


    Jarosz Adam

    ·6 months ago·

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Abandoned Factory Buildings for UE4