Adam Homoki's Cartoon Shader for Unreal

Adam Homoki has released a new pack with cartoon shader for UE4 that will help you set up beautiful stylized projects.

The pack works great with mobile projects. It features all the assets shown in the video above, including the forest.

Please note that it supports Unreal Engine 4.22 and newer versions of the engine. 


  • Procedural or texture-based banding
  • Rim light with a shadow mask
  • Stylized specular
  • A pattern for a comic book effect (screen space or UV space)
  • Normal map distortion
  • Mesh outline
  • 6 color parameters


  • 2 cell-shader materials (Opaque, Masked)
  • outline material with 1 instance
  • 2 Material function
  • 2 grass, 1 floor, 1 landscape, 1 light, 1 smoke, 1 wind
  • 5 cel-shader demo material instances, 12 material instances used in the forest scene
  • More

How to use:

  • Place the BP_LightControl blueprint into your scene
  • Set your directional light and skylight, rotate
  • Create a material instance from M_CelShader
  • Apply the instance to your mesh
  • Open the created instance

You can learn more and get the pack for $19.99 here. Also, make sure to read our interview with the artist about his stunning water shader.

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