Adam Walkes Up A Driveway
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why Hellblade didn't come on ps4 yet ?

by daria
2 hours ago

Thank you for noticing, alfred, we've swapped them

Adam Walkes Up A Driveway
20 August, 2018

Have you seen this video of a well-known android walking up a driveway? It’s actually funny how  managed to freak out a lot of people online with his little video set up Unity. Well, it’s still pretty damn awesome! 

The whole thing was created with the help of OctaneRender, Unity, C4D and talented hand of Mr. Sullivan. The artist took the background footage with his phone, put the character and used an HDRI lighting setup he has made. The thing is that the video has gone viral.

A version of the animated character has previously appeared in a short by District 9 director Neill Blomkamp and Oats Studios created with the Unity engine. The robot, however (free-to-download!) was made by Unity’s Swedish demo team for the short film ‘Adam.’

Make sure to share your thoughts on the whole story in the comments below. 

Source: Twitter

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