Adding Houdini Animations to Sketchfab

Simon Verstraete shared a tutorial on how to publish Houdini simulations on Sketchfab.

Simon Verstraete, a techical artist, shared his approach to working with Houdini simulations and making them look on Sketchfab almost the same as in Houdini. The trick is to use the Alembic file.

The tutorial gives a brief explanation of what an Alembic file is:

"Alembic is an open interchange format for geometry and animation. It was initially developed by teams from Sony Pictures Imageworks and Industrial Light & Magic. It is like a flipbook, but with 3D meshes".

In the article, Simon explains the main steps of the process:

  • he Houdini set-up
  • Geometry nodes workflow
  • Preparing geometry to suit Sketchfab settings
  • Exporting

Each step includes screenshots from the software to understand the workflow better. Read the tutorial here.

Don’t forget to check out Simon’s Sketchfab profile.

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