Adobe Announced Updates to Its Substance 3D Tools

All the changes introduced during Substance Day keynote 2023.

During its Substance Day keynote at GDC 2023, Adobe not only announced its partnership with Epic Games but also introduced various updates to the Substance 3D tools.

Substance 3D Painter got a new baking mode, which enables better baking, a better cage, and a range of other improvements "to help you get to the texturing stage faster." The app will also receive a Curve tool, allowing you to paint curved lines or brush strokes that will wrap and snap around geometry. 

As for Substance 3D Designer, Adobe is adding a Portal node for cleaning up node graphs and hiding connections between nodes. There are also going to be loops, which will help you create parametric loop-based patterns. Designer now has a Curve node, which lets you extract the curves from a simple shape to create shapes like stitches or pipes that follow a simple path.

The software now also allows you to place a model and viewport lighting within a texture and then apply this model as you would any other texture.

Changes to Substance 3D Modeler include improved decimation, the possibility to import CAD files, and compatibility with Quest Pro and Pico VR headsets.

Adobe previewed the features coming up in future releases of Modeler, including full real-time raytracing while working within Modeler, and an explode view, which allows you to work on one specific asset positioned deep within a complex scene. The company showed how Modeler will be able to facilitate kitbashing in the future.

Substance 3D Sampler gets enhanced photogrammetry capture with automatic subject masking, bounding box cropping, and other features. In addition, it receives paint warp, enabling easier straightening and tiling of materials, material super-resolution, allowing for creating high-resolution textures from low-resolution images, and updated image-to-material AI models.

At the event, Adobe revealed Firefly – its new family of generative AI models. You can learn more about it here.

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