Adobe to Release Photoshop for Audio
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Great work Gabe!

Incredible job, love the breakdown and can't wait to see what you make next!

Adobe to Release Photoshop for Audio
9 November, 2016

Adobe developer Zeyu Jin, who spoke at the Adobe MAX conference in San Diego, stated that Adobe is working on a new piece of software that would become a Photoshop for audio. The software is codenamed Project VoCo and it will feature the ability to add words not originally found in the audio file.


Project VoCo is designed as a state-of-the-art audio editing application. It can generate new words using a speaker’s recorded voice. The tool can understand the makeup of a person’s voice and replicate it, so long as there’s about 20 minutes of recorded speech. The developer demonstrated how Project VoCo let him add a word to a sentence in a near-perfect replication of the speaker.

When recording voiceovers, dialog, and narration, people would often like to change or insert a word or a few words due to either a mistake they made or simply because they would like to change part of the narrative. We have developed a technology called Project VoCo in which you can simply type in the word or words that you would like to change or insert into the voiceover. The algorithm does the rest and makes it sound like the original speaker said those words.


Without a doubt, Project VoCo might change the way you work with audio. It might also change the way developers work on sound for their games. We’ll be looking forward to getting more details on Adobe’s project. 

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