Agony: Survival Horror from Hell
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This is beautiful, great work. Would love to walk around in this city

Wow, I am 22 years and self thought still trying to be a good artist, I am using blender in a country where no one cares. Thanks a lot for this inspiring article. I am not as good as this, you are very good.

Agony: Survival Horror from Hell
4 July, 2017

Madmind Studio is building a game, which features some of the most twisted art direction since Dante’s Inferno.

Madmind Studio is a company from Poland, founded by Tomasz Dutkiewicz. He’s a VFX artist, who worked in a number of big local companies, including City Interactive, Vivid Games and Flying Fish Works. So, about 2 years ago he published a little video, showcasing his work on a project called “Sacred Agony”.

I created it by using unreal engine 4, with little help of my friend who created few 3d meshes. Everything else in this video I made by myself, including design, camera work, animation, textures, most of the 3d meshes and particles. Music is from “android lust” who give me premission to use. All other sounds are from free websites.

Tomasz Dutkiewicz

Luckily for us, this project didn’t die in the very beginning of its journey. In November 2016 the team actually ran a successful Kickstarter campaign, which helped the developers to raise $182,642 (Canadian USD) to continue the development of the full project. Right now there are 9 people working on this game full time.

Plus they actually got some help from the publisher PlayWay S.A. New partners are going to help with the distribution and publishing of the boxed copies of the game. But that’s not really what we wanted to talk about.

Agony has a striking visual design. It takes place in hell with all the demons, gore and blood you might expect from a place like this. The creature design is just the stuff of nightmares. Absolutely horrific designs done in a super detailed way. The environments are full of very powerful images and incredible lights. The light design is absolutely amazing. Incredibly beautiful work and it’s all running in real-time thanks to UE4. Tomasz had a lot of fun with different tweaks here, cause the game does look absolutely incredible. If you are interested in what you can actually do with environment design in UE4, you should definitely check this out.

The game will be released sometime this year on Steam and other platforms, including Xbox One and PS4.

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