Alien: Isolation Creators Are Working on a New Sci-Fi FPS

The developers shared that they've been working on the new project for four years.

Creative Assembly, the developer behind Alien: Isolation and Total War, is currently working on a new Sci-Fi FPS game.

Although the title hasn't been announced yet, the studio mentioned it several times. About a year ago, for example, it revealed that it is seeking specialists to work on a new project and teased a concept art where you can notice references to Sonic the Hedgehog, Company of Heroes, Virtua Racing, Jet Set Radio, and other franchises published by SEGA.

In a recent interview with the EDGE magazine (via GamesRadar), Creative Assembly studio director Gareth Edmondson, creative director Alistair Hope, and chief product officer Rob Bartholomew shared some additional details on the game. The developers said that the game does not have a name yet and revealed that they've been working on it since 2018. 

They noted that the new project will be a completely new IP, "a new world" that the studio is creating and also mentioned the the game will boast a "drive for attention to detail and authenticity". At the same time, during the production, they want to take into account the "source material" but the developers do not specify what they mean by this.

Based on statements from the executives, fans suggested that Creative Assembley might be creating a new setting for an existing product like a new game in the Warhammer 40k setting. Or they could be a part of SEGA's intention to revive their old franchises like Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio, if the concept art published a year ago is indeed related to the upcoming game.

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