Amazing Beauty of Horizon: Zero Dawn
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Very interesting! Thank you Valery for such a useful review of your work!

I found your blog to be very informative. I am very happy to read your blog it's very useful to me.

by Tomasz Wikliński
10 hours ago

Great stuff. And many thanks for those tuts by Jason! They helped me a lot.

Amazing Beauty of Horizon: Zero Dawn
19 October, 2016
Guerrilla Games is one of those studios that have some of the most amazing 3d productions in the modern industry. If you go and buy yourself Killzone Shadow Fall, you’ll be amazed how well this game is done. It’s got fantastic environment design, beautiful materials, outstanding modeling and visual effects. The game did not age that much since its release in 2013. With Horizon: Zero Dawn the team is obviously pushing the bar even higher, creating outstanding, phenomenal visuals.


The most recent images released by the company look absolutely phenomenal. The first thing that you notice is the amazing art direction. Joining animals-robots and archaic prehistoric cultures is definitely a good thing. The mecha design is top notch, plus the environment art here is absolutely amazing.



But there are subtle features as well. Notice how the artists work the color, how they improve the readability of the enemies with lighting. How the color of the enemy’s camera (or eye, I don’t know what that is) shows the current state of the foe. There’s a million ways that the artistic team and the technical team at Guerrilla Games are pushing the boundaries of game art.


For me personally Horizon: Zero Dawn seems like one of the most exciting games of this generation (if there are any generations in the modern console world), because it shows you a glimpse of the incredible adventure. It’s an amazing journey into unknown world. Isn’t that what video games are all about?




Yes, Horizon Zero Dawn is absolutely amazing. It looks like one of the most beautiful game humanity has ever seen.

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