Amazon Nimble Studio Is Now Available

Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched Amazon Nimble Studio, a new platform that lets you set up a content production studio in hours.

The project gives customers the ability to rapidly onboard and collaborate with artists from anywhere in the world, and produce content faster and more cost-effectively. The team provides access to accelerated virtual workstations, high-speed storage, and scalable rendering across AWS’s global infrastructure to create content faster. Amazon noted that there are no upfront fees or commitments, and you pay only for the underlying AWS services used. 

The new service allows users to set up high-performance workstations powered by Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) G4dn instances with NVIDIA Graphical Processing Units (GPUs), shared file storage from Amazon FSx, and ultra low-latency streaming via the AWS global network. Amazon Nimble Studio can be used on both the Windows and Linux operating systems so you can work with preferred third-party creative applications. You can also use custom software applications and bring them into Amazon Nimble Studio via Amazon Machine Images (AMIs).

"Amazon Nimble Studio is going to change the way customers produce content using a cloud-based production pipeline," said Kyle Roche, Head of Content Production Tech, AWS. "To date, studios struggle to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for creative content, which has driven an exponential increase in the computing power required to produce content—hastening obsolescence of workstations and straining on-premises storage and rendering capacity. We are excited to announce Amazon Nimble Studio, a transformational new service for the creative community built for the cloud to make it much faster, easier, and less expensive to produce the content that consumers want to watch."

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