An Idea to Get a Hand-painted Base to Paint Over
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by juaxix
2 hours ago

I'm in!!

by Arzach
6 hours ago

Trying to steal Vray's thunder.

I'm gonna wait for Steam version

An Idea to Get a Hand-painted Base to Paint Over
8 December, 2016
Level and Environment Artist Stephane Fontaine has presented a node to composite all baked maps to get a hand-painted base to paint over. No more hassle in Photoshop!

This little project really saves time, lets you iterate faster and you don’t have to worry if you rebake a lot.

Hand-painted compositing inside Substance Designer

Save Presets for Quick Iterations

Works with Grabbed Docs from Zbrush

The artist hasn’t shared his files, but he states that this technique really speeds up your workflow. It is a work in progress and he has plans on improving the method. We’ll keep an eye on his work to see if he’s willing to share some of his awesome files. In the meantime you can try creating something similar by yourself. 

Lit in Unreal

Parallax Tiling 

Author: Artyom Sergeev

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