Andreas Mischok on True and False Displacement

Read a thorough article on 4 different texture types, how they work, and what are their advantages from the VFX perspective.

3D artist Andreas Mischok published a 2-part article, where he discussed 4 different texture types: Bump-maps, Normal-maps, Displacement, and Vector Displacement. For a better focus in the article, he classified displacement as true and false.

"True Displacements will move around vertices while Fake Displacements strive to achieve the same look but without actually changing the geometry. For now, I will focus on the differences between the two categories instead of breaking down each map individually".

Andreas in the first part of the article

In the article, you’ll get an overview of each type, how to spot visual differences, and how lighting and shadows work with them.  The article also covers Parallax, 90-degree angles, silhouette, subsurface scattering, length limit, and so on.

You can read the first and second parts of the article on his Artstation page.

The cover image is Andreas's artwork.

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