Andrew L. Jones on Building Worlds for The Mandalorian

Set designer of The Mandalorian Andrew L. Jones discussed the production process of the world-building for the show and talked about key challenges his team has faced. 

Set designer of The Mandalorian Andrew L. Jones gave a detailed overview of the world-building process and mentioned technologies and tricks his team used in the production. 

For instance, the team worked with The Volume, Industrial Light & Magic’s wraparound screen. The Volume projects the environments and shows them from different perspectives. Although this approach still requires some manual adjustments, it’s been a good addition to the workflow. 

Jones also had to work with different artists, including painters, VFX artists, and modelers.

“The two teams are able to work together in a way that I'd never anticipated. The painters are giving paint samples to virtual artists. The virtual artists are rendering out scenes and giving them to the plasterer. So, it's a new departure to have this kind of collaboration and this kind of cross-pollinating of the new and the old.”

Andrew Jones via the article 

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