Animation of The Last of Us' E3 Demo Explained
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Animation of The Last of Us' E3 Demo Explained
17 June, 2018

Motive’s Dan Lowe from Motive shared a thorough hour-long breakdown of Naughty Dog’s latest The Last of Us Part 2 gameplay demo and the animation inside it. How did the team manage to pull the whole thing off? Some developers still wonder if it’s even real or just a scripted sequence for E3. 

A senior tech animator from Motive Studios decided to prepare a detailed analysis of the trailer to give some hints at the animation.

Let’s check out his analysis:

Whenever Naughty Dog puts out a gameplay trailer, a lot of the developers will … go frame by frame, go through it with a fine tooth comb to try and sort of figure out how they did it, and this is especially the case with animators because Naughty Dog’s one of the top studios of the business in animation. And so I figured I would try and do this, and record it so people could see how exactly I might go about analyzing this sort of thing.


Dan Lowe 

Did you like how the artist explained the design decisions behind character’s movements, running motion, dodging animations, and other details? The artist has even spent some time to discuss Ellie putting on her backpack using technical language. Make sure to share your thoughts on the breakdown and the whole situation behind the animation of the upcoming game from Naughty Dog. 

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