Animation Secrets from Naughty Dog, Ubisoft, Blizzard, Epic and More
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Montreal CA   27, Jun — 1, Jul
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amazing stuff man

by Mau Vasconcellos
2 hours ago

Am I tripping? I Always thought "pixel art" was based on those 8-bit old games, with hard pixels and little shapes to form scenes. THis is NO PIXEL ART in my conception, but mere digital images.

by peterpen
8 hours ago

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Animation Secrets from Naughty Dog, Ubisoft, Blizzard, Epic and More
19 January, 2017
Animation is the most important element of many modern games. Titles like Uncharted, Assassins’ Creed and other wouldn’t be that popular without this detail. 

If you’re interested in producing high-quality animation, a number of experienced developers with discuss this topic on February 28th during Animation Exchange, accessible to everyone thanks to a livestream on the official Twitch channel.

They’ll break down games like Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Heroes of the Storm, Paragon, League of Legends and more.

Below you can read the full official schedule:

Live Q&A
We start the day with a panel of animators taking questions live from the Twitch chat. If you have a question about game animation, these are the people and this is the time to ask.
Tim Borrelli Animation Director at First Strike Games
Gwen Frey Co-Founder of The Molasses Flood
Mariel Cartwright Art Director, Lead Animator and Head of Story at Lab Zero Games
Matt Boehm Animator at Blizzard

What Schools Aren’t Teaching You

Schools are great for teaching the fundamentals of animation theory and workflow, but what about the stuff they DON’T teach?

Working in the industry takes much more than just animation chops. Get some insider info from two unique perspectives on the skills you can only pick up from spending time in the highly-competitive and fast-paced world of game development.
Lana Bachynski Animator at Blizzard Entertainment
Simon Unger Senior Animator at Phoenix Labs

Grim and Whimsy – Animating World to the West
This talk covers our effort to animate characters and creatures with contrasting moods and emotions, working within the tight constraints of a top down action game.
Aslak Helgesen Animator at Rain Games

Animation Flashback: Spider-Man 2
Spider-man 2 The Movie Game was the first in the franchise to emphasis the web-slinger’s unique methods of locomotion as well as one of the earlier open world superhero games. After it’s release in 2004, Spider-man 2 went on to become one of Playstation 2 Magazines “Top 100 PS2 Games of all time”, one of ScrewAttacks “Top 10 Movie Based Games” and one of the titles in the book “1001 Video Games to Play Before You Die”. During this Animation Flash Back Session, two of the animators from the team, James Zachary (Animation Lead) and Ryan Duffin (Animator) will reunite to dust off an old PS2, boot up the game and discuss the time they spent developing Spider-man and give a behinds the scenes look at what was needed to bring to life our beloved web-slinger.
James Zachary Animation Director at Zynga
Ryan Duffin Senior Animator at DICE LA

An Intro to Animation in Unreal Engine 4

Have you ever wondered how animators get their animations in game and make them part of an interactive character?  Have you heard about “state machines” or “blend spaces” but aren’t quite sure what it all means?   Watch Jay and Laurent setup an animated character in Unreal where they will cover these topics and more.
Jay Hosfelt Lead Animator at Epic Games
Laurent Delayen Senior Gameplay/Animation Programmer at Epic Games

Animation Flashback: Assassin’s Creed Combat
Assassin’s Creed has become one of the best known franchises in video game history since it’s original release in 2007, but very little is known how it became that. 10 years on, this flashback sheds light on a particular part of that development. As the Lead Combat Animator on the Original Assassins Creed, I will offer a unique insight into how the Combat System was developed.  By sharing the thought process, inspiration, conception, challenges and goals of the system that will appeal to fans of AC and developers alike.
Kristjan Zadziuk Animation Director at Ubisoft Reflections

MOBA Animation: LoL, HotS & Paragon

Do you like MOBAs? So do these three animators working on “Heroes of the Storm” (Blizzard, Lana Bachynski), “Paragon” (Epic Games, Jay Hosfelt), and “League of Legends” (Riot Games, Alex M. Lehmann). In this talk the three of them will chat about animating a few of the iconic characters in these popular games. Expect to hear some the behind-the-scenes “war-stories” from a couple of years of development on these titles. Oh, did we mention they’ll play their games while chatting about it? Grab a drink, prepare a question or two, and join us for an hour with your favorite MOBAs.
Alex M. Lehmann
Art Director at Riot Games
Lana Bachynski Animator at Blizzard Entertainment
Jay Hosfelt Lead Animator at Epic Games

Back to Basics: 2D Animation for Games
For both new and experienced animators, it’s always helpful to revisit the basics. This talk covers the founding principles of animation and in what ways they apply and work in games.
Mariel Cartwright Art Director, Lead Animator and Head of Story at Lab Zero Games

Animation Programming in 2017
This panel of animation programmers will discuss their relationship to animation and design, their impact on the responsive vs realistic debate and what their thoughts are on the newest animation technology making a buzz in the industry.
Laurent Delayen Senior Gameplay/Animation Programmer at Epic Games
Bobby Anguelov Animation Technical Lead at WB Games Montreal
Geoff Harrower Senior Gameplay/Animation Engineer at EA Vancouver
Dan Lowe Senior Technical Animator at Visceral Games

Making Uncharted 4’s Interactive Cinematic Sequences
From initial idea to final polish, animation and design at Naughty Dog work in lockstep to pre-vis, prototype then assemble memorable and cinematic story sequences with the aim to keep the action as “on-the-stick” interactive and exciting as possible.
Jonathan Cooper Animator at Naughty Dog

Fine, God-Dammit! We’ll Review it Live!

Gwen and three other unfortunate animators are strapped to a couch. They are forced to drink cold beverages and chat about animation in games while watching a series of curated animation clips. Some clips will be from high profile games that have recently released, and some clips will be damning examples of game animation gone wrong. Gwen will be curating, and she will be the only animator with prior knowledge of what is being shown. The other animators are going in blind. Towards the end of the show we will invite the audience to link other clips for us to respond to. You can link us your demo reel (god help you), a clip of your favorite moment in a video game, or whatever else you would like us to talk about.
Gwen Frey Co-Founder of The Molasses Flood
Dan Lowe
 Senior Technical Animator at Visceral Games
Kristjan Zadziuk Animation Director at Ubisoft Reflections
Jalil Sadool CEO/Co-Founder at Steamroller Studios and Co-Founder of CGTarian Online Animation School

Final Thoughts
Thank you and parting words.
Mike Jungbluth Lead Animator at Volition
Lana Bachynski Animator at Blizzard Entertainment
Tim Borrelli Animation Director of First Strike Games

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