APOLLO BETA.6 Available

APOLLO BETA.6 Available

APOLLO BETA.6 is now available with the new subsurface shader.

APOLLO BETA.6 is now available with the new subsurface shader. For those of you unfamiliar with APOLLO, it is a pack with custom PBR and Light-Based shaders for Unity. The set is compatible with mobile and VR.


  • Standard PBR Shader
  • Standard CutOut PBR Shader
  • Standard Transparent PBR Shader
  • Standard Refractive PBR Shader PC + Mobile
  • Subsurface shading PC + Mobile + RTAL
  • 6 PBR Mobile shaders
  • 1 Skybox shaders
  • Light Manager
  • Custom Reflection Drop System
  • Custom CubeMap Maker
  • UV Tiling Manager

Standard APOLLO Shader Supports:

  • Color
  • Diffuse map
  • Roughness Map
  • Metalness Map
  • Smoothness
  • Roughness power
  • Metalness power
  • Fresnel Effect
  • Metal Shading
  • Specular Map
  • Specular Highlights
  • Specular Color
  • Specular Power
  • Ambient Occlusion Map
  • NormalMap + Power
  • RGB Emission Map + Power
  • Parallax Map +Power
  • Prometheus Effect

You can get more details here.

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