Apple Launches New Apple TV and tvOS
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guys post some article with unity most of your post are based on UE4

This has come a long way since I last saw it, great job on the final version!

by Charlotte Delannoy
1 days ago

Thanks a lot ! Did you give some masterclass of something ?

Apple Launches New Apple TV and tvOS
10 September, 2015

Apple has made a new Apple TV and operating system called tvOS. With this you’ll be able to watch your favorite shows, listen to music, play your favorite games from iOS and exclusive Apple TV games.

Games and Remote Control

  • appletv-games-4-80lv
  • appletv-games-5-80lv
  • appletv-games-3-80lv
  • appletv-games-2-80lv
  • appletv-games-1-80lv

Besides the iOS games you already own and want to play, there are exclusive games made for the Apple TV and tvOS.

apple-tv-80lvThe Remote Control used for the Apple TV can be used for games because it works as a dynamic game controller where the touch pad is the virtual directional pad. It also has a built-in acceloermeter and gyroscope.

For those who don’t like the wii-like remote, there is a third-party controller where you’ll find your comfort.

Create tvOS Apps with the tvOS SDK

tvos-hero-80lvYou can use many of the same frameworks, technologies, and concepts that have been used for developing with the iOS such as Metal, UlKit, On Demand Resources, CloudKit, and Game Center to make games.

There are also new templates that use XML and Javascript that are available as frameworks for tvOS apps, so you can use predefined layouts and Javascript APIs to create apps for streaming.

Apple TV Developer Kit


If you register here by September 11, you’ll have a chance to get the Apple TV Developer Kit. This lets you test your apps out on the new Apple TV before its release to the public in fall.

It comes with the Apple TV, Apple TV Remote, Power cord, Lightning to USB Cable, USB-A to USB-C Cable, and documentation.

The tvOS developer beta is now available.

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