Arcadia – a new streaming service from Microsoft
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by Charlotte Delannoy
8 hours ago

Thanks a lot ! Did you give some masterclass of something ?

by Hun Young Ha
10 hours ago

How is the Clovers sit on top between tiles? for mine, blend modes doesnt seem to be working... they follow the height of the tiles which results in extreme distortion of clovers following the height changes of tiles

by Gary Sanchez
11 hours ago

I really liked Cris Tales, its a Colombian game, i really like it how it looks, its like a old JRPG with a unique graphic style:

Arcadia – a new streaming service from Microsoft
17 December, 2014

ZDNet and Polygon report that Microsoft is building a cloud-based service to stream apps and video games. The new product is called Arcadia (this is a code name obviously).

Arcadia is an evident choice for Microsoft. Company’s new CEO stated several times that corporation is going to make a special push in the cloud market. The new service is based on Microsoft’s new cloud computing infrastructure. A special team within Operating Systems Group is working hard on Azure as a replacement to Rio – another game-streaming technology from Microsoft.

Rio is a neat technology that allows streaming Halo 4 to a Windows Phone smartphone or to a relatively old Windows PC. Microsoft was hoping to use Azure to allow backward compatibility on Xbox One. This whole service is very similar to Gaikai-based service PlayStation Now.

Microsoft considers using Arcadia to stream apps as well as games. This gives a very interesting opportunity to mobile developers. This service could allow Windows and Windows Phone to run Android apps and games, using streaming technologies. However company only flirts with this idea.

The name Arcadia, just like Cortana, comes from the Halo universe.

Sources: Polygon via ZDNet.

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