Arktika.1: Real-Time VR VFX Reel
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Arktika.1: Real-Time VR VFX Reel
2 February, 2018

Nikita Shilkin, a Senior VFX Artist at 4A Games, has shared his awesome VFX reel on a VR shooter called Arktika.1. We’ve actually had a talk with the artist a couple of months ago, but this is another great chance to take a closer look at AAA visual effects.  

Wanna share small part of my work during the production of Arktika.1 (AAA VR Shooter). It was pretty long, interesting and hard way of virtual reality pioneering and working without any fixed rules trying in addition to developing new ones. 

Main goal was to get close to high quality of usual games and to make it all work at 90 FPS.

For more information feel free to check out my article about making visual effects for VR.

Nikita Shilkin 

Here are some crazy GIFs from the artist to study the effects in detail:

For more information read our interview with the artist about building visual effects for VR.

Source: ArtStation

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