Arm Presented Immortalis – Its First GPU with Hardware Ray Tracing for Android

The new GPU is pushing mobile gaming to a whole new level.

Arm has presented Immortalis-G715 – its first GPU to offer hardware-based ray tracing support on mobile. Built on the Arm GPU Valhall architecture, Immortalis-G715 offers a 15% performance improvement compared to the previous generation premium and sub-premium Mali GPUs.

It adopts new graphics features and upgrades, including Variable Rate Shading for gaming performance boost and energy savings and an improved Execution Engine. According to the company, added support for Matrix Multiply instruction "delivers machine learning (ML) improvements for advanced ML use cases mobile, including computational photography and image enhancements."

"We decided to introduce hardware-based Ray Tracing support now on Immortalis-G715 because our partners are ready, the hardware is ready, and the developer ecosystem is (about to get) ready," said Andy Craigen, director of product management at Arm.

Along with Immortalis, Arm is launching the new Mali-G715 GPU that brings new and updated graphics and GPU features to mobile including an improved Execution Engine and Variable Rate Shading.

Essentially, Variable Rate Shading takes a scene and focuses the rendering on the parts that need it at a fine pixel granularity. Areas that require less focus are rendered with a more coarse pixel granularity.

"When enabling Variable Rate Shading on gaming content, we have seen improvements of up to 40 percent on frames per second," claims Craigen.

Earlier this year, Samsung introduced Exynos 2200 – its own processor with hardware-accelerated ray tracing. The development of the tech is a big step for mobile Android gaming. 

Immortalis-G715 is going to be featured in flagship smartphones at the start of 2023. Find out more here and don't forget to join our new Reddit pageour new Telegram channel, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we are sharing breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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