Art Director of God of War 3 Released an UE4 Game
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Art Director of God of War 3 Released an UE4 Game
23 May, 2017

You might have heard of Ken Feldman. He worked for Sony Computer Entertainment America for almost 17 years. He’s been the Art Director for God of War 3, art director at Mortal Kombat (2011), did art for Road Rash 3-D. Quite a career.

Apart from big budget productions, Ken also has a small indie company here in LA. It’s called Act 3 Games and it’s focused on creating high-quality narrative games. The new game from this company is called The Fidelio Incident. It was created and advised by many ex-members of the God of War franchise.

The Fidelio Incident is not a story about an angry god. Instead, it’s a single-player, first-person thriller, set off the coast of Iceland. You play as Stanley – a survivor of the plane crash. You must search a desolate frozen island for your wife Leonore. But the trick is that the rescue party can’t find out who you really are. Sounds mysterious? Yes, it does.

The developers were inspired by modern classics: Dear Esther, Gone Home and Firewatch, popular TV-shows Homeland, Lost, and The Americans, and Beethoven’s only opera, Fidelio.

There are some very heavy names in the voice actor section. Stanley is played by Glenn Keogh, who played in Transformers Age of Extinction, Once Upon A Time, and Sons of Anarchy. Leonore is played by Bess Harrison, who worked on The Temple and Memory, for Amazon Studios.

The game has recently been released and is available from Steam for $10. It looks amazing, it runs on UE4 and it’s got amazing art direction. What’s not to love here?

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